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“paper has more patience than people”- the diary of a young girl, Anne Frank.
  • Will you let me?
    Let me cry, let me bleed,let my lie on the braided weed.Let me fall, let me die,you don’t have to say good-bye.Let me love, let me laugh,let me shine, let me burn,let me leave this world. Let me tell you, let me listen,let me talk, let me breathe. Let me smile, let me feel,Tell meContinue reading “Will you let me?”
  • Silent Promises
    You don’t need words to describe what you see,you don’t need someone to tell you what you need to be. You don’t need songs to make you dance,you don’t need to judge someone with just one glance. You don’t need to cry to receive some wheat,you don’t need someone to tell you honey is sweet.Continue reading “Silent Promises”
  • .Little visions.
    Visions small, confined by my four white walls, my vision is smallbut I hope to see it all. Homeless people by the streets,all they are asking is for some shelter and wheat. Dying people asking for hospital beds,and a “No!” tears their family to shreds. Many times, I used to walk by,feeling life was suchContinue reading “.Little visions.”

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