Imagine you are sailing across an ocean, to the rhythm of the waves, just enjoying the pleasant breeze. Suddenly, a storm breaks out and you panic and aren’t able to think, and you are scared. The loud thunder sends shivers down your back and the lightening blinds you. You aren’t able to pause, focus on how to help your self from the sudden storm around, just pause and write and then you will see the waves go to the state of a warm welcoming blue than a threatening demon. It all depends on how you look at it, and that’s the opportunity writing creates to look in with a new pair of shoes, be it fancy or torn, its still a new pair. This is the brilliance of people, we are all so different that it is only in the storm where we can see the connection among us all, we all get caught in the storm only to realise that there are a hundred other boats sailing across the same ocean.

I stand there,
feet to the ground, head in the clouds
my eyes aren’t focussed
wandering over my various thoughts.

In the distance I could see a figure approach my way,
I didn’t know who it was,
an animal from another world,
or was it just me in a new world.

I just stared,
everything went black,
I was back to where I started,
an ocean full of
warm blue.


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