.Little visions.

Visions small,
confined by my four white walls,
my vision is small
but I hope to see it all.
Homeless people by the streets,
all they are asking is for some shelter and wheat.
Dying people asking for hospital beds,
and a “No!” tears their family to shreds.
Many times, I used to walk by,
feeling life was such a lie.
But I guess, my vision was just small,
but now I see it all.

Many days I sit at home,
not once opening the front door.
No color, no greetings, just the same old faces.
Rice and dhal, roti and curry,
everything prepared in no hurry.
work from home, school from home,
all under one dome.
I guess my vision was small.

I saw my country, India, suffering
I read the papers,
I saw the pleas,
now what do I do?
Help or flee?
I see the picture, of new hope,
maybe somewhere, there was scope,
for remedies and cures,
but of that I cannot be sure.
But I do hope so.

My vision is small,
and it always shall be,
but my knowledge isn’t,
and I will do what I couldn’t.

My vision is small,
but now I see it all.


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