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Broken Windows

Broken windows
inside thy soul
to say the words
thy ears spent waiting for
I say not to those fancies.
I can’t fathom thy
smiling face
laughter of thy might lord
but thy heart says there ain’t one
Silver ices-shall prick thy window
Empty streets, stormy nights
mad escapades, daggers thrown
thy window shall crash.
the pieces of thy
broken window
I shan’t treasure
the sight
of mere pleasure of
thy reptile fancies
nor water- neither land
thy soul shan’t stand
on the feet of mankind
sins like icicles
thy window will turn
there’s no mighty lord
thou says not
but the window shall crack
thy hear shall sink
never return back.


Ps. I don’t know if you understood the poem or not, I just wanted to try something new. Let me know, and maybe I’ll make a post on what went through my mind as I wrote this poem. : )

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