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“paper has more patience than people”- the diary of a young girl, Anne Frank.
  • Spray paint
    Umbrella’s chose not to shelter me,pain and misery a rain while the rest enjoy a sunny day to bask in the sunin vain. No tree shall smile, no car shall drive no star shall shine, no person shall love I can’t. Colors are bright for the hopeful spray paints fade, for the hopeless. Like me.Continue reading “Spray paint”
  • Match sticks
    A spark I chose to ignore,the day it came, I knew it was to stayfor evermore. The reason I hold back the tears, that stain my cheeks like blood does a woman for years. A hope I deny to I see, a rainbow I can’t fathom to foresee,for those colors I shall never be. InContinue reading “Match sticks”
  • Broken Windows
    Broken windowsinside thy soulto say the wordsthy ears spent waiting forI say not to those fancies. I can’t fathom thysmiling facelaughter of thy might lordbut thy heart says there ain’t oneSilver ices-shall prick thy windowEmpty streets, stormy nightsmad escapades, daggers thrownthy window shall crash. the pieces of thybroken windowI shan’t treasurethe sight of mere pleasureContinue reading “Broken Windows”

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