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Cyber, briber,Climbs on my backJust like a spider.Creeping onto my palms,Waiting for me to slam it down. Cyber, ladderNever coming down,It just goes up,Never looking down. Cyber, fibre,It scrapes all u have,Like a miner,Waiting to get all that’s in.Burning coal. Cyber, miner,Has all the way to go,Through rocks and stones,Through rivers and snow,But a minerContinue reading “Cyber!”


ALPHABHATORA Astonished As Always,By bemusement,carving curves,demolished dreams,enveloping emotion,futuristic frames,glorious golden,humoured hungrily,inside idealistic,Jaded jesting juxtapositions,knitting kind knives,lavish love,metagrobolised myself,nostalgia never-ending,omnipresent odyssey,portraying peaceful pictures,quirky queen,Royalty rakish,stunning silhouette,tangible turbulence,Ulterior uber,vast valiance,wealthy withering white,xenophobic,yourself, yielding,Zealous.-:D


The clouds seemed far away,my longing to be up there,never surcease.I sat there,my leg dangling in the water,my reflection,strung to a garland of roses,that image, pierced and beautified,never away.To the fluffy white, I prayedbut instead all they did,was to tell me a story,in their own way.I never understood at first,how the story changes,and then IContinue reading “Strings..”


Click! Flash! Oh My God!The camera has just snippeda part of my lifeAh! I’d never lose it nowthere as a memoryon the screen on my phoneas it flashes at everydayclicking the parts that really matterdumping the one shaken outdown the depthsof the technological dump yardthe technological life that seeps into yoursflashing past every momentthat madeContinue reading “Camera:)”

.left to nothing right.

I looked up to the sky, hoping,hoping to see a sign of rain.Rain to wash all the thorns that pierced,pierced my torn heart. I wished I was a cloud, drifting,drifting past all the memories.Memories I’d left behind, not wanting,not wanting to tear myself,myself so there’d be no more. I glanced at my hands,hands that wereContinue reading “.left to nothing right.”

At The Crossroads

A sacrificea choiceminds left battling with thoughtsof questions that can never be answeredwith millions of possibilitieswaiting to riseas the time comes thingswill change either waythe future marks a rise or a fallat the crossroadsthey standfor there is yet another choice to be madetwo roadseach different in their own waywith different dreamseach coming trueat the crossroadContinue reading “At The Crossroads”